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Mission Statement

To promote the health and well being of our Métis Children and Families by building on the capacity of our Métis community through the provision of culturally sensitive and appropriate programs and service.

The Métis Child and Family Services Society exists to strengthen and support the health and well-being of Métis families and communities. Our website reflects the unique needs and interests of the Métis community and we intend to keep you updated on all news events and important information as it pertains to the Métis Child & Family Services System. Here you will learn more about the many programs and services offered through our agencies, gain insight into our role and responsibilities, as well as access important news, publications and inspirational stories of resilience and hope from our Métis communities.

Agency Objectives

  1. To improve the quality and effectiveness of social services to Aboriginal Children and families in need.

  2. To develop and provide programs which will preserve and strengthen the Aboriginal families.

  3. To develop community awareness and responsibility for the well being of Aboriginal children and families.

A primary focus of Métis Child & Family Services Society is to reduce the number of Métis and other Aboriginal children from coming into the care of Alberta Child and Youth Services.

We accomplish this by ensuring that our programs and services are responsive and accountable to the community. We offer an alternate approach to intervention and prevention that holistic and family centered.

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